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21.05.2024 - Tour&Taxis
10.00 - 15.30

Exhibitors / Offers

Visit the Training Fair and find out what is on offer. Each visitor is welcomed by an individualized welcome to further guide you during your visit at the fair.

Around 50 different organisations will display their offer, divided into 17 clusters.

An overview

Werkwinkel Brussel

We welcome, support and guide Brussels jobseekers in their search for a suitable job or training.



Actiris is the regional institution of employment in Brussels. As a public service we play a significant role in providing solutions and actions to challenges for employment in the Brussels Capital Region.



Brussels jobseekers are most welcome at VDAB. We support you to find a job in Brussels or in Flanders. Discover what we have to offer you: from Dutch language classes, vocational training to job coaching


Huis van het Nederlands Brussel

The Huis van het Nederlands (House of Dutch) helps Brussels residents who are interested in learning, practicing or using Dutch. The organisation:

• provides information and language tests for people interested in learning Dutch and advises them on courses, opportunities for self-study and Dutch activities.
• registers clients according to the most suitable level of Dutch classes.
• supports Brussels residents to practice Dutch.
• encourages and supports organisations, institutions and companies in Brussels to underline the importance of Dutch.
• contributes to sustaining a large and high-quality offer of Dutch classes and activities for adults in our capital.


Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering Bon (Brussels welcoming office for old and newcomers)

Bon is the Brussels reception office for integration participants. Bon welcomes people of foreign origin who have a minimum 3 month residence permit. Both newcomers and non-newcomers can come to Bon for a free integration program. Bon gives clear and correct information about living, working and life in Belgium and Brussels. It also tells you about what the rights and duties of Belgian citizens are. Bon provides this knowledge in a set of courses available in over 20 contact languages. Additionally, Bon offers participants an accessible way to learn Dutch, in close collaboration with the Huis van het Nederlands Brussel. Integration participants get individual and future-oriented counselling, and workshops focused on employment, education and participation in society.      


Transportation and logistics

CyCLO asbl wants as many bicycles as long as possible on the roads of the Belgian capital! The social economy organisation repairs them, teaches cyclists how to maintain their own bikes and gives unused bikes a new life.
cyclo |

Always on the move
We support and inform workers and employers within the transport sector about training opportunities and additional social benefits. Furthermore, we support training partners in their training programs for bottleneck professions in transportation and logistics.

Aviato is the employment centre of Brussels Airport. Aviato forms a reference for high-quality and sustainable jobs as well as internships at and around Brussels Airport. We provide assistance to jobseekers, employees, students and employers.

LOGOS is the education fund for employees within the international trade, transportation and logistics sector. We focus on sustainable employment of (future) employees by promoting and financing both sectoral and company-specific training initiatives. In addition, as part of the sector covenant with the Flemish Government, LOGOS also focuses on strengthening the alignment between training/education and the labour market, lifelong learning in the sector, stimulating diversity, and increasing the influx and outflow within the sector.                         


Groot Eiland
Groot Eiland offers residents of Brussels and the urban fringe area who are distanced from the labor market the opportunity to develop their skills, creativity, and talents. Through training and professional experiences in various sectors such as carpentry, sales, hospitality, and urban agriculture, as well as through job coaching, we help them find employment. Furthermore, we propose adapted work, a tailored guidance and work program for individuals who, for various reasons, cannot integrate into the regular job market. Conscious consumers and businesses committed to transition can participate in our project through the wide range of services and products we offer. Sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and a realistic economic model go hand in hand in everything we undertake.
About us – Groot Eiland

Horeca Forma Be Pro
We are a Brussels training centre for jobseekers focusing exclusively on the hospitality sector. Our training courses are 100% free of charge. We offer training programs from 2 up till 8 months for jobs in the restaurant and hotel industry.

JES Brussels
We are JES. You can hang out with us, play, learn or just have a chat. But we also help you with your search for a suitable education program or a job.                                                                                                        https://jesbrussels.be/opleiding-en-werk/


Contrucity.brussels is your pathway to sustainable construction careers in Brussels. We inform, guide and empower residents towards rewarding jobs in the industry.

Groep INTRO collaborates with our employees, partners and companies to foster personal growth. Our overarching goal is to cultivate an inclusive society through avenues such as employment, training, coaching and advisory services.

FIX carries out renovation works in schools and public buildings in Brussels. The workers at FIX are low-skilled job seekers who gain up to two years of practical experience.

Casablanco offers an innovative work experience program in the construction sector. You can learn traditional construction techniques such as isolation, plastering, carpentry, painting, and roofing, as well as the contemporary methods including circular building, bio-ecological construction, and more. Additionally, Casablanco provides opportunities for training in logistics or administrative roles.

Manus BXK vzw
Social Economy company active in cleaning, green maintenance and renovation.


i-mens is a non-profit healthcare organisation dedicated to  the well-being and care of individuals. As a healthcare provider we offer various services, including home and residential care, with the aim of promoting a better quality of life. Our organisation is known for its personal approach and commitment, creating a warm and supportive environment.

Huis voor Gezondheid
Huis voor Gezond provides infomation about healthcare professions and training programs in Brussels. They assist you in finding an education or job that suits you, and connect you with organisations that further support you on your path towards education or employment in the healthcare sector. 

Elmer vzw
Elmer is a neighbourhood child care service and center for inclusion. At Elmer, you can qualify as a child caregiver by combining work and studies.

Aksent is a non-profit social integration organisation with a home assistance service and two local service centres. Through our community-focused and supportive initiatives, we ensure that seniors and those in need of assistance can continue to live in their familiar environment for as long as possible and in a high-quality manner.

The service to seniors is provided by staff in training and through work experience programs (Soceco, art.60, Dual Learning).

Opleidingscentrum Familiehulp
Familiehulp organises training courses for caregivers – nursing assistants. It offers a vocational training program which focuses on internships with hands-on experience. Caregivers and nursing assistants mainly find employment in home care and residential care centres, but they can also be employed in hospitals and with people who have physical or mental vulnerabilities.


BRUSAFE (Orientation Center for Recruitment)                                                                                               Brusafe includes the Regional Police Brussels Academy (GPAB), the Fireman Training center of Brussels (OCBB), the Institute for Training in Urgent Medical Assistance (IODMH) and a part of the Regional School of Public Transport (GSOB). The Orientation Center for Recruitment offers help to inform, advise and guide you in preparing for the selection exams.

Federal police                                                                                                                                                       The Integrated Police, structured on two levels, is composed of two autonomous entities: the Federal Police and the Local Police. As a team we strive to provide an excellent service to the public. Helping people is our main goal. There is an extensive and varied range of job opportunities and vacancies within the police force.                                                                                                                                   
More info on www.jobpol.be


Intec Brussels offers high-quality IT training with an emphasis on the technical quality of the training whilst providing assistance in finding a job in the IT sector.

Maks vzw
Maks offers training in computer skills, from beginner to more advanced levels. Training is achieved through work experience in the sector of information technology, reception, cleaning and technical support. We also provide support during a work trajectory as well coaching for specific groups such as ROM/DOM and illiterate people.

STARTPROjecten vzw
Through training, coaching, and employment through a work experience program, STARTPROjecten aims to empower Brussels citizens in order to find sustainable jobs on the regular market as well as to strengthen their socio-economic position in society. STARTPROjecten works hand in hand with partners in education, training and employment.

Digibank Brussel
Our aim is to support all Brussels residents in developing and reinforcing their digital skills through various workshops, training programs and a Digipunt providing a spot for spontaneous drop-in when experiencing digital challenges as well as when in need to borrow a laptop.                              

Employment Counselling

Cosearching                                                                                                                                           Cosearching offers a program in which jobseekers come together to help one another to find a suitable job or training. The group process is guided by a facilitator, using collective intelligence tools to enhance the exchange of experience and knowledge as well as to boost motivation. It encompasses an intensive 10-week group process in which participants strengthen their skills, feel less isolated and hence regain motivation in search for their next professional goal.

DUO for a JOB                                                                                                                                                      Find a job twice as fast.                                                                                                                                      Sign up for our free, intensive and personal coaching program: during 6 months and once a week you and your mentor will do everything possible to find you a suitable job!

CAD De Werklijn
Specialised counseling for people with disabilities.

Vokans (Vormings- en Opleidingskansen) has created a bridge between employers, employees and jobseekers since 1991. As an NGO we operate in Flanders, Brussels, and on a regional and a local level.

emino                                                                                                                                                                       At emino, we firmly believe every talent deserves a place on the labour market. Our goal is to fully integrate each job seeker, including those with unusual talents, on the labour market through sustainable jobs. Therefore, emino informs, advises, and supports job seekers, employees, and companies.

InBrussel vzw                                                                                                                                                InBrussel vzw accompanies job seekers in Brussel who experience obstacles in accessing the labour market. Our multilingual job coaches enhance their professional and social competencies. Throughout the job seekers’ journey, we guide them towards internships, training, or employment opportunities that align with their motivation and skills.

Envision a society where everyone thrives through their talents and passions. We make it a reality thanks to our collaboration with Actiris, VDAB, ESF, Europa WSE, and several other public, private and non-profit partners.  With our team of professional coaches, we have already individually coached more than 7000 people towards sustainable, satisfactory social-professional integration. We do this through tailored programs for different target groups in a language mastered by the participant.

Platform voor de Samenlevingsdienst
Platform voor de Samenlevingsdienst offers young people a chance to contribute to society for a period of six months by working four days a week at a host organization, whilst participating in group trainings and workshops every two weeks. This combination of work experience and training allows them to discover themselves and their individual talents better.

Adult Education

CVO Brussel                                                                                                                                                           We are a centre for adult education offering various vocational training programs, which can be combined with secondary adult education (AAV) to obtain a secondary education diploma. We operate in various sectors and provide language classes in Dutch (NT2), French, and English.  https://www.cvobrussel.be

CVO Semper                                                                                                                                                        CVO SEMPER is the largest centre for adult education (CVO) in the wider Brussels and periphery  (Northern) region. We offer courses ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Dutch, French, and 8 other languages, as well as vocational training programs to become an Electrician, Salesperson, Web Designer, or Healthcare professional.                                                                                                                                             www.cvosemper.be

CVO Lethas Brussel                                                                                                                                      Welcome to CVO Lethas Brussel! Build your future by taking courses in Dutch, French, English, and ICT, or complete your secondary education diploma in just one year. Located in the heart of Brussels with multiple campuses.                                                                                                          https://cvolethas.be/

Leerwinkel Brussel                                                                                                                                         Anyone (aged 15 and above) interested in a Dutch-language educational path in Brussels can turn to Leerwinkel Brussel for information, guidance, and orientation. You will find information about Dutch-language educational offerings in Brussels and receive assistance in making learning or study choices. https://leerwinkel.brussels/nl

Syntra Brussel
SYNTRA Brussel is a Dutch language-based training centre in Brussels for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. Would you like to learn a profession? Do you dream of having your own business? Be inspired by our wide range of daytime and evening courses offering practice-based vocational and entrepreneurship training. Whether you are young or old, unemployed or already working, you are sure to find the right training at SYNTRA Brussel. If Dutch is not your native language, you can request free language support from our Language and Teaching Coach.

Sint-Guido-Instituut Anderlecht
At our school you can follow a graduate course in basic nursing. In addition to the three-year daytime course, we also offer evening classes. For those students in need we may offer extra support and care during their training.

Ligo Brusselleer
As a centre for basic education, Ligo Brusselleer is an expert in dealing with low literacy. Ligo works with low-skilled adults from Brussels and wants to help its students to fully participate in society.

Leerkracht BXL (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie) (Teacher BXL – Flemish Community Commission)
Are you interested in getting started as a teacher in Dutch-speaking education in Brussels, but you don’t know what steps to take to do so? A consultant for lateral entrants (“zij-instromers”) listens to your story in order to find a path that suits your specific situation and enables you to access a job in education.

Erasmushogeschool Brussel
The Erasmushogeschool Brussels (EhB) offers a wide range of graduate, bachelor and master degrees. You can study tailor-made courses at your own pace. We offer numerous courses, trajectories and statutes allowing you to study in flexible ways by combining studies with work, family or personal adventures.

EVA Bxl – De Baobab
Do you want to become a preschool teacher?
De Baobab supports you during the qualification process and offers you a full-time job to combine work and study!

Social interpreting and translating

Brussel Onthaal

Brussel Onthaal is a Brussels-based social interpretation and translation service.

Our interpreters and translators enable/facilitate communication between social service providers and their clients in order to give non-native speakers their voice back and to make Belgian society accessible for non-native speakers.



Steunpunt Vrijwilligerswerk Brussel

Volunteering may offer chances to adapt to a working rhythm, gain self-confidence, obtain work experience or build social contacts. We will personally help you in your search for the ideal voluntary job in Brussels.


The Beroepenpunt (Career Centre) is a multiparty organisation where everyone is welcome with questions about their professional career. The Beroepenpunt works around 5 themes: learning, working, choosing, moving and starting your own business.




PMO provides training to everyone who wants to access a job in retail. Our courses are:

  • Practice-oriented,
  • Short (a maximum of 3 months),
  • Are given by trainers who work in retail,
  • Free for job seekers.

Take a sales training at PMO and together we will find the job that perfectly suits your knowledge, experience and interests.

Opleidingen voor wie actief is in retail | PMO (pmocvba.be)

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via the following contact form, or by phone via Afra Dekie (0479 16 40 71) or Charlotte Ameye (0483 45 99 42).